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When you choose Forno Alfresco, you’re not just buying an oven; you’re joining a community of passionate food lovers and outdoor cooking enthusiasts. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, including guidance on installation, usage tips, tools & firewood options, and ongoing support.

Customize your oven to your taste

> Choice between our Modern, Traditional, or Custom style of ovens

> Internal and external build size options available

> Face brick or textured coat render on the oven base

> A range of colours and styles of mosaic tiles for the exterior of the oven dome

> If desired, a complete review of your indoor/outdoor living area for a full space upgrade featuring your oven as the key focal point

Curing the Oven

What is it? Once the build of the oven is done the last step in our process is curing the oven. This step is the most most vital and important part of our process – something we pride ourselves on ensuring is carried out correctly for long term sustainability.

Why is important? Wood ovens hold a lot moisture after being built. The curing process is very important as, when done properly, strengthens the quality of the dome. When in use, if the oven gets too hot too fast, any moisture within the dome will try and escape. This looks like steam penetrating the walls of the dome which can result in the oven dome cracking. Curing the oven is an integral part of Forno Alfresco’s oven build, and something we pride ourselves on.

Feel free to speak to one of the Forno Alfresco team members to explain the curing process further.

Fire products and materials used to build our ovens

> Refractory firebricks

> High Temperature Mortars

> Calcium Silicate High Temperature Boards

> Fire Blankets

Precast Wood Oven Build

Valoriana Precast Oven

Valoriana professional wood-fired ovens are still made in Refrattari Reggello, high in the hills of Tuscany. They have become market leaders in Australia offering a light weight refractory oven kit that is made from the finest quality materials in Italy.

We recommend these ovens if you have small courtyard homes or tight spaces. Precast ovens are a cost effective way to have a wood oven at home and still enjoy the creative outcomes of oven-style cooking. Depending on your cooking or entertainment needs, these ovens are a great solution to many homes and individuals alike.

Contact us today for more information on our precast range and available sizes suitable for your home.

Precast Wood Oven Build

Vesuvio Precast Oven

The Vesuvio wood-fired pizza oven originates from Tuscany, Italy dating back 50+ years ago. This type of precast oven provides low maintenance cooking, while still offering a unique and spectacular cooking tool for the budding Chef. 

The Vesuvio precast ovens are a widely popular oven style for at-home outdoor kitchen spaces, using firewood to fuel its heat.

Contact us today for more information on our precast range and available sizes suitable for your home.

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