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Gas Burner Oven

Switch between wood and gas cooking with ease

The gas burners we use in our Forno Alfresco ovens are made in Italy, certified, and available in LPG or Natural Gas. 

The brand – “Avanzini Bruciatori s.r.l” – have been designing and installing gas burners in bakeries and pizza ovens for over 50 years. We are proud to offer their products for our ovens. The flame created by Avanzini’s special total pre-mixing firing system is well diffused and very bright. 

The natural combustion of the Avanzini burner is unmatched by other products on the market in terms of uniform cooking throughout the oven surface, as well as being a cost-effective.

These burners allow our clients to get to optimal temperatures more efficiently and radiate heat allowing you to cook confidently over a longer period of time, without watching the temperature of the oven drop.

For restaurant projects, we highly recommend the burners in our commercial ovens as they are user-friendly allowing all staff members to handle and operate the pre-heating of the oven with ease. The regulation of heat gives the Chef or Pizzaolo flexibility to multi-task and shift focus between a variety of cooking tasks. 

The beauty of our gas burner ovens is its duel-fuel capabilities meaning you get the best of both worlds in cooking with gas and wood.

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