About Us

We are a proud and local South Australian company providing custom built brick ovens and charcoal BBQs, hand made on site or delivered Australia-wide.

We are passionate about our products, also when designing and constructing our custom built outdoor living areas to ensure your new oven build is seamless within its design. We take a personalised approach to designing the area to suit your lifestyle while complimenting your existing home setup. We know each lifestyle and home is unique, therefore all our ovens and outdoor areas are customised to suit, and cater to your needs. A great deal of consultation and consideration with our team will not only add to the quality of lifestyle but once finished will increase the value of your home.

The Forno Difference

We pride ourselves on being the only company in Australia to offer both traditional Italian-style brick ovens and modern style ovens, hand built by our team. Our building methods and construction of the oven dome are the same process taken from foundational skills learnt in Italy, specifically replicating the exact style of oven you would traditionally find in Naples when enjoying a forno-made meal. A key difference between our ovens is the way the oven is flued, and the aesthetical design on the exterior of the oven – something we work closely with you to customise.

Forno Alfresco is one of the only companies within Australia to build this style of Neapolitan round design oven. When building the dome of the oven, there are two main options we consider based on cooking style – the traditional full dome oven, or the shallow brick dome oven. The shallow brick dome ovens are predominantly built for pizzerias whose sole use is to cook pizzas. However if you intend to use your oven to make a range of fired breads, meats, and vegetables, we suggest the traditional full dome oven to maximise on its diverse cooking nature.

Although the most common is the wood-fired fuel, we also offer installation of gas burners within the oven making it a dual combo burner.

Contact us today to build your very own custom made oven or charcoal bbq!

Fiama Charcoal BBQ

Forno Alfresco continues to evolve over the years, and have recently introduced Fiama Charcoal BBQ to the family.

Fiama take pride in offering a range of top-quality charcoal BBQs that are custom designed to suit your restaurant needs, or outdoor kitchen setup. Our commitment to excellence drives every decision we make, from selecting premium grills and accessories, to making sure our customers have access to the best fuels and flavors for their BBQ adventures. Fiama BBQs are hand crafted using only high end materials such as refractory firebricks, mortars, insulation boards and fire blankets.

 We pride ourselves on working with fellow local businesses for our BBQ builds, supporting and buying from Australian building suppliers for all our products and materials.

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